"Eleven and Counting"


1         You killed me.

           You stripped me of me innocence,

           as innocent as a lamb I was.

4         Not knowing if it was okay,

           I wanted your acceptance.

           I wanted everyones!


7        Was I wrong?

          Were you pushed over the edge?

          Silence now runs my world,

10      your hands cold-crip

          your lips sent from hell.

          No one noticed,

13      those devilish eyes.

          Presence was so deceiving,

          but no one noticed.


16      Burning from the inside out,

          flames conquering my world.

          Screams so loud, yet unheard.

19      Not knowing if it was okay.

          Thoughts blurred,

          taken by a masked serpent.

22      I am road kill.


          It’s over now, the pain is done.

          Do not revive me, the time has gone.

25      Do not remind me, its not okay.

          Time for this memory to decay


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