Every Race Is Special

White and Black
White and Black
White and Black

Humanity is identified
As if it were the most important the skin
Human skin is criticized
The skin of the soul is ignored
On occasions there are regrets in people
When they belong to a country
When they don't love each other
When they don't like the color of the body that they live
I would like to say that the soul is the most beautiful
That you can admire

Every race is special
Yours is special mine is special
Youre special
Especially unique you are
Your decision to be any race is special
Each race has someone unique
Each race has someone fair
Each race has someone good
If I choose to be white and not black
It is not white is better than black
But that is my decision to be so
And it is that to live
The being must have a body
And the human knows
Knows even before coming to the world
Forget it in the sky traveling to come to birth

People locked in their own idea
In its own thought of failure
When does not believe in someone more
Note that it is reflection that do not believe
In themselves

Who in the good believe
Who the good makes
Who is fair
And not only those who wears the best clothes

Because people sinks in the past
They know
That what it was it's already very buried
What failure to see people insist
In what is no longer
If you're black have all combined colors
More like your way of being defined beauty
That will look all the colors

Be fair
You have so many mixtures
But not serve anything if is not this
Not serve anything if you're arrogant
If you're white
Not because you're clear of the skin of your body
Define that you don't have obscurity
If it is not fair your way of being

Every race is special
Yours is special
Mine is special
Every race is special
You are special
Especially unique you are
Your decision to be any race is special
There comes the creation
And our creation is love


Constantly simple
The best soul is identified
Its says better because it is unique
Because it has real existence
Each one has its own
Every being has its own
Regardless of black and white
All race is special.
-Jonatan Vega

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