The eyes of a man

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 19:00 -- sunoske


Remembering his eyes

You looked into them

They glistened

From the overflow of a glass prison vividly girthing the secrets of an intension.  You looked into them, finding peace. The eyes of a man telling his secrets, removing his mask, leaving him naked.


You looked into them, those kind, gentle eyes; they had an overwhelming capacity for love. The eyes of a man that wanted to love thusly.

The eyes of a man opening his soul, but the lips of a woman instantaneously denying its validity.

He approached, caring, sweet and playful. His eyes telling his secrets, he covers them in shame, to protect his soul from the harshness of the world.

The world does not take kindly to this weakness. Approaching, gently and playfully, the eyes of a man, while spouting childish jeering to elicit laughter from an innocent soul with an overwhelming love for him.

This heart overwhelms itself, as a result of this connection.

Speeding up encouraging the production of heat in the palms, face- sweat

Slowing down and drawing energy life, strength, vitality —shallow breath.

A hearts love crippling it host.

They saw into each other’s deepest beings.  The truth, the darkness.

He came to her and boar his heart in his hands protectively, she sneaked a peek, she saw into his eyes into his soul.

A heart wounded,  putting his pride in reserve.  Now she believed this, she believed all she saw. But experience has taught her that having a glimpse into a man’s soul does not guarantee he will be hers forever. The vulnerability, protect myself, because one subsequent crack could mean permanent shatter.

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