Him in Me

Quivers overtake me.

 My mind can’t seem to slow down -

Shut down, after a loaded day of

A load of mess

A pile of heaviness

I tried talking to Mary

Jane, because She was slow- paced.

Pasted and posted bandages all over my wounds

And worries, she tried

With her green essence, yet I wasn’t relieved.


Those seductive leaves no longer entertained me

Instead, I found release

in the rush hour of

the hushed cavern of the Almighty’s Presence

Yes, my All-Present

Help, I needed so badly when anxiety

Raged after me.

My all-Present

Joy, in His name strengthen

For the harsh days.


At my lowest low.

He sends a sweet, sounding Spirit

Of Peace to possess my heart

When affliction besets me

 He alleviates the traffic in my mind

With the free-flowing express of His love

Written so majestically in 66 romantic volumes.

I can’t get His love.

So I let it overflow -


Reflecting in Song and Dance

Remembering who He is,

Reminds me of who I am

So when I’m down in the rut

Ascribing to Him worship is the only way

I can get up. 

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