I AmI am an exquisit

I Am

I am an exquisit masterpiece 

I have become accustomed to the affliction that life may cause

I have shown vitality in my struggles

I am a porcelain doll that is a hollow shell of academic common core

My eccentric aura still illuminating my being

I am nimble, but not too arrogant

I am kind to whomever I come across, even if they do not deserve it

I am amusing in my sense of dark homor, sided with child-like comedy

I am a modern Athena, standing tall and strong amoungst my peers

I am no better nor no worse than those that stand beside me

I am one with nature with my legs a tree trunk, and my hair the leafs

I flow into the wind, going with the flow of society

This isn't so bad; however, I welcomed the idea that

I will hold my own wind up key one day

I am excited for the day I become independent


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