Icarus, In love With The Sun

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 10:55 -- angemt

I am Icarus who is in love with the Sun.


In your own sweet and delicate way,
You are a burning light of ember
That has sparked what is now
A raging inferno within my soul.


I am constantly lost in the fruition
Of our hollowed conversations
With words wrapped in the warmth
Of our blistered and broken tongues,
Dribbling monotonous tunes
Only we could gain amusement from.


I am lost in your eyes
That forever stand to remind me of the Sun:
Warm, inviting, and dangerous.
And I crave it
Like a wild plant who reaches its way
Towards every ray of light
Until it is satisfied.
So it can live.
I need it.


I am Icarus, in love with the Sun
Despite conspicuous warnings of endangerment;
My waxed wings of purity
Melting from each flare of your deadly light.
But I want you to burn them alive. 

I want to feel that rush of adrenaline
From the fear of every inch of my skin
Being burned by your love,
The flames tracing against my skin,
Kissing me gently
Yet making sure I feel the very presence
Of your burning embrace.

I am Icarus, fallen in love.

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