Jack and the Jellybean Stalk

Jack and the Jellybean Stalk

Tariq James

There once was a boy named Jack

He went to Blunderbore Middle School in the English suburbs

Now Jack was a wonderful student

He was loved by his teachers and friends alike


Jack was a great student in class

Some could say he was the bravest!

Jack would raise his hand to answer the most daunting of questions

To him, they were challenging, but fun


But he wasn’t just smart, he was also quick-witted

In his school, there was a big, mean, ogreish bully

He would torment the other children—taking their lunch money and snacks

However, Jack refused to give up his snacks to some bully


He had answered a great many problems in class, and was rewarded with jellybeans

Listening to classmates’ screams as the bully approached, Jack hid his jellybeans in his shoes


Stomping through the hall of children, the bully stole their money and stole many-a-snack

That was until he came to Jack!


The bully searched him up and searched him down

But could not find a thing on him while he peeked

The bully stared at Jack with a frown

“You better have something for me next week!”


Jack made his way home, nimble and swift

For he knew his mother had made something delicious for dinner

All through the parkways and over some rifts

Her bacon mac-and-cheese makes him feel like a winner!


As Jack got home and took of his shoes he flew past the stairs

He left his sweet beans in the back of his sneaks

Jack ran into the kitchen with his happy glare

Til he heard his mom go “Oh my, these reek!”


“The stench of your shoes has stuck to your beans”

His mother teared up in disgust

“Take these outside, they need to be cleaned”

And Jack made such a fuss


She tossed out Jack’s once-lovely snack and sent him into his room

He started to dream off and stared into the clouds

It was all he could do to take his mind off his gloom

He wanted to build his very own tree house


Jack closed his eyes and closed his eyes with a yawn

He lay with no peep, silent as a mouse

He woke from his nap to see something big on his lawn

What was there but an enormous tree house!


The tree and its house were gigantic and tall

A hundred feet high and a hundred feet wide

Jack had to stand back to see it all!

The boy could not believe his own eyes!


Filled with spirit and adventure in mind

Jack went up and up and up in the tree

Intrepid and fearless the boy continued to climb

Ascending, ascending, higher went he


Jack got to the top and stared up in awe

Quickly, he rushed to open the door

Young Jack could not believe what he saw

But the bully from Blunderbore asleep on the floor

Jack looked right and Jack looked left

He eyed the bully’s sack full of cash

Jack had an idea to right the tormentor’s theft

Young Jack snatched up the bag in a dash


As Jack began his escape and reached for the door

The jingles in the bag woke the bully instantly

The aggressor jumped and awoke from his snore

Jack gave no second thought but bolted so swiftly


He jumped out the door and climbed down the tree

The enraged bully hot at his heels

Jack felt his rage and continued to flee

Jack raced down the tree as if he had wheels


He reached the bottom and stared up in shock

The ogreish boy came closer to him, his eyes beamed with an angry glare!

The bully eyed Jack in his descent just like a hawk

He jumped off the tree at poor Jack as he cowered in fear


Jack covered his head and turned his back

The bully lunged at the boy, trying to grab hold

But instead flew face-first into the sack!

The bag full of coins had knocked him out cold


 Timid and confused, Jack peeked up and looked around

Jack was surprised and in disbelief

He saw the bully splayed out on the ground

Jack saw that he was still in one piece and sighed in relief


Jack’s mother stormed out, dazed and in fright

“I thought you gone to bed for a snooze!”

He assured his mother that he was alright

And so Jacked used the money to buy some new shoes

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