Slam Against Bullying

Roughly 80% of teens will be bullied at some point either physically, emotionally, or online. Also, it is a proven fact that bullying sucks. Create a poem and post it to this slam!

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
No,please just let me be, please don't try to destroy everything that I am, I know how much everyone hates me,
6 days 11 hours ago
 You sit in the class and find out You are the only one looking around
1 week 6 days ago
Courage is the boy going to the new school Courage is the boy asking the bully to play with him
2 weeks 9 min ago
Some are round, smooth and belong Others sharp, rough and wrong They’ve all been thrown 
3 weeks 12 hours ago
Thinly disguised misogyny Thirteen-year old’s agony A fallen angel Born in the wrong cradle
3 weeks 2 days ago