lesbians are not real

Sun, 08/11/2019 - 13:55 -- mxllika

lesbians are not real, peeping tom.

the ones that u want anyway.

dreamland lesbians:

straight girls in sheep’s clothing

that succumb to men’s advances


only existing when u

type 3 kisses into the search bar.

manipulate innocent gesture

for the male. gays


know it’s all fake, peeping tom.

watch dreamland lesbians

fumble for the clit

and feel solace;

u can’t find it either.

locate ur sick thrills in their cries,

they all come (around)

don’t they? favour the man.

no way

could they want in each other


what u can’t give, peeping tom.

is love so complex?

truth is, a real lesbian knows

how to make u see stars.

alongside a nosebleed, sore and simple.

do not challenge their intimacy,

for ur weeping head.

cross out the lesbians from ur checklist.

no one was made for ur pleasure;

don’t ask lesbians for it again.




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