Let me tell you a secret

Let me tell you a secret.

I live my life, chained

To the bottom of the ocean

Where blues meet blacks

And no matter how hard I struggle-

I will always drown


And trust me when I say

That I’ve tried to escape

But between point a and point b

And a million different midpoints

Each with their own trials

Designed to test your mental strength

And how am I supposed to withstand that?


There are moments when

Every sound is intensified

Every presence is unbearable

But how could I expect you to understand?

I mean-

How could you,

When it’s all in my head


So when it all becomes too much

I just sit, and listen

As the broken hearts bleed into the piano strings

That numb my soul

And I dream of a world

Where air wasn’t just for those

Destined to breathe


And in that moment-

I see you

And you shine like a million stars

Embracing the darkest parts of my heart

And with lips of a goddess

You kiss away all my fears

And I fall


So if for a second

I should appear within your dreams

Know that it’s because

I still search for you

When I sleep


But if I called out for you

Would you hear me?

Or would my voice, too

Be swallowed up by the sea

That keeps me from you



You who blossoms like wildflowers

Dancing in the wind

Could I ever truly stand by your side?

Or will I fade into the background

Like the echoes of a lost soul



Because uncertainty

Is the only certain thing in this world

I beg of you

Let me tell you a secret

I’m in love with you.


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