To Lose Your Soul

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 20:09 -- Dpitt43

My heart is fine

This helps pump the blood through my veins

My spine is healthy

This helps me to walk or stand at the upright

My body is relaxed

This is because I know I am healthy

But my brain is crammed

This is due to the question that I've pondered for years:

What does it mean to lose your soul?

Is it physically?

Will I die?

Is it emotionally?

Has a part of me been cast to the farthest regions of hell?

One word floods my mind when the grueling question repeats in my head


To lose your soul means to lose a part of you 

To lose your soul means to die

To lose your soul is to never return to yourself again

To lose your soul means DEATH has arrived 

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