Mon, 01/06/2014 - 00:07 -- Yola_da


I feel so alone.

I could just cry

at any given moment.

I could cry a whole river


And it still wouldn’t be enough.

Because I know

that as soon as I stop crying,

I will be no less lonely,

than I was when I started to cry.


And no good words

and no amount of positive energy

none of it seems enough

To conquer my sad dark soul.


And it’s rough

and I’ve had enough

I picked myself up

I paved the way

for a new day.

I smiled through the pain.

Happiness would reign.


And I cleared my mind

and I forgot every memory

and I began to tell another story.

One in which family loved you

and friends actually stuck through.


And once again,

the wrong people

were the reason why

I did not know love

I did not know trust.

It was a rainy season

to my new day.


And although I tried,

no one else seemed to care

that life never seemed to be fair.

I began to cry.


And it still wasn’t enough.

Because I knew

that as soon as I stopped crying,

I was no less lonely

than I was when I started to cry


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