Life hurts

Just to live in it makes me wonder why?

Why do we enjoy the good moments so much

When the bad ones are so bad


And likewise;

Why do we feel the bad moments are the end?

When the good ones make them worth living


I miss feeling like that

I miss being real

I miss breathing


The sadness engulfs me

But I pull away

Why be sad with all these happy people around me

Don’t ruin their day

Be good

Be nice

Do as you’re told


Though hard as I may try, it takes over

I try to grasp anything

Anything in which can save me

But I fall

I always fall

Do you fall as much as I do?


Again I try my hardest, but it hurts

I try to breathe

When I take a test, I try to breathe

When I smoke, I try to breathe

When I drink, I try to breathe


But the air fills my lungs

As much as a fire gets lit during the pouring

Help, but it doesn’t come

Wish as I may


The sadness gets to you

It gets to everyone

But the only time you will be able to breathe

Is when you let the pain seep away

When you understand what is actually wrong


When you allow yourself to be there in the moment

When you allow yourself to take a test

To smoke

To drink

This is when you will be able to breathe


Accept your situation

Be alone

Find your will to breathe


The only way that cold winter air

Is ever going to get to your lungs

Is to let yourself have it


Let yourself understand

That life screws you up sometimes

But you can always choose

If you want to breathe 


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