True Love Tells

You say you love me but it’s something more


It’s how you look at me with unwavering eyes

They’re filled with desire, kindness, and generosity


It’s how you notice every little detail about me; good and bad

The good is embraced and cherished

The bad is acknowledged and accepted


It’s how you laugh at my jokes or when I’m being dorky or just being my weird self

How you put up with my constant referencing of the same movie over and over again

And you still find joy in that and laugh every time


It’s how you’ll always sit and listen while I ramble on

Even when you’re feeling down, you still pick yourself up while I talk and talk

How you deal with my chaos while you experience chaos of your own


It’s how you’re so thoughtful in everything you do

Whether it’s for me or for others

Gifts so generous and love so true


It’s your humor that can lift me up no matter what kind of day I’ve had

And your soft tender touch that is so heartening, so exhilarating


It’s how you go out of your way to make me feel happy and loved as I do the same

How you can remain level headed and open

While I remain stubborn and, how you would say, strong willed


It’s how I cave when I know you’re right and I’m wrong

How I deal with your perfection

How I know that you’re the one for me


It’s how I’ll always be here for you and you for me

I always feel safest and happiest when I’m with you


It’s how we never fight because there’s no reason to

There’s always a compromise

There’s always a way to work out a plan


It’s how we’re working towards a common goal

Being together and making each other happy

It’s how we know we’re right for each other no matter what anyone says

We should remain true to ourselves and go after what it is we both want

We know ourselves and each other the best


It’s how we’re both willing to make sacrifices for each other and our desires

It’s how we remain true to ourselves

True to our beliefs

True to our passions

True to each other


These are the tells of true love


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