Where is your god?


Is your God benevolent?

Your church donates
Much money to
Impoverished nations
Because God says it's right

Hundreds of children, younger than four
Die in impoverished nations
They suffer
Where is your god?

A young couple that has
Been trying to have a baby
Are blessed with twins
Because God believes they will be good parents

There are children that
Are diagnosed with terminal illness at such
Young age, and they die slowly, suffering
Where is your god?

A young man gets in tragic
Car accident, but he
Miraculously survives
Because God made it so

A mini van gets side-lined by a
Drunk driver, killing the
Family of five inside
Where is your god?

A boy's favorite uncle
Is told he has AIDS and only
Four years to live. He lives ten more years
Because God gave him the strength to live

A grandpa ailing of Dementia
Suddenly is reduced nothing more
Than a shell of his former self, devoid of mind and heart
Where is your god?

A missionary traveling abroad
Gives a foreign man's life meaning
By giving him the knowledge of God
Because God completed his life

A lesbian teen is bludgeoned to death
Because of who she was. And the man
Charged said, "I was working for GOD!"
Where is your god?

A child is taught from a
Young age to please God
By being kind to others
Because God loves us

A child is scared for life
And hates all religions
Because he was raised with such dogma
Where is your god?

A Cardinal speaks out
Approving gay marriage
And telling us to be accepting
Because God doesn't hate

The government in Uganda
Is trying to pass a law
To kill all gays
Where is your god?

A young man in his senior year
Gets into Harvard
And he graduates at the top of his class
Because God blessed him

The young man's remarried dad
Harasses and disowns him
For picking such an expensive school
Where is your god?

A girl in her senior year
Gets into her first choice college
She has a boyfriend and caring parents
Because God rewards people for hard work

The same girl is bullied
Everyday. She can't take it
And takes her life
And…where was your god?

Tell me…is your god…benevolent?

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My country
Our world
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