A White Man's World?

Job programs are being created for those with exotic skins.

I am white, where are my programs?

There are no scholarships for being white.

I am lesser, but I am told everyday I'm greater.

As a white person, I hold such guilt for things I didnt do. Things my ancestors did. Things we should remember and learn from, but forget the favoring of any race.

I am white. Where is my justice?

I am called cracker and ghost, but who can I complain to?

And a certain group of blacks call themselves "niggers?" 


Surely this is not what civil rights activists fought for.

I have not, a day in my life, thought any racial group was less or more of a human than i, or that they deserved less or more.

Yet here I am, without financial support, and supposedly "privileged." 

Black history month?

Black's only dating service?

Offensive language only blacks can use?

Fashion and comedy and so much I want to scream?

My black friends boycott such things. Yet they exist. They exist and are made by the same people who were oppressed. And we see nothing wrong with it.



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