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Which way should we go In this land of woe  The sky has fallen to darkness The people broken and heartless Which way should we go 
I guess the question is one thing I can't live without, however there are many. You see, life is based on essentials and bare necessity.  Oxygen, food and water, but these are mundane.
  I initiate to comprehend What love must be?  In what form, A kiss,
​Mirror on the wall
Stuck in a Dream where the world is unseen, Awaiting the Day that won't come anyway. Two eyes closing shut, as the Candle is snuffed Awishing the dream in the earth that is seen Lies, Lies, are all that awaits her!
I want to arise like a phoenix from the ashes Live for the moment and everything else can reside where the past is You’ve been there, done that, it’s all said and done Like Joey said:
It's more than obvious; we live in a cold world Where society's aim is impregnate every boy and girl We fall for lies, sewn to the pattern of the embezzlement ties
It worked it's way into our systems Taking it's host, leaving nothing the same It spread itself through our communities Faster then we could respond 
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