A harsh world

A Harsh World

I am the shatter of a broken heart.

I am the sobbs of a child being taken from their drunken and drugged parents.

I am the shouts of victims of violence.

I am the searing sensation of blade on skin.

I am the quiet of those battling their demons in silence.

I am the child cowering in the corner after being abused.

I am the bruises after being bullied for who you are.

I am the empty feeling after being rejected and refused.

I am the bitter taste of betrayal.

I am the disappointment of broken trust.

I, Am Pain.


I am the hurt in a child’s stomach living on the street.

I am the thirst for clean water in your throat.

I am the Need for medication critical to your survival.

I am the want for further education.

I am the longing for equal rights.

I am the wish for religious freedom everywhere. 

I am the demand for complete freedom . Period.

I,am hunger.


I am the gore of the battlefield.

I am the crippled soldier.

I am the wrath of those in charge.

I am the tears of those with family fighting for their country.

I am the suffering citizen.

I am the innocent dying. 

I, am war.


I am the old woman gasping for her last breath.

I am the poor man shot in the alley for what little he had.

I am the shock of finding out you have an incurable disease.

I am the baby whose life was spared on the road because you partied too hard.

I am the tears and agony of taking your own life because you can’t take anything else.

I am the daily blood shed on your hands.

I, am death.


I am a harsh world.

And there are many evils here, but there is one thing, one single thing, that keeps them all n balance,


It is the smell before rain.

It is the good samaritan.

It is the small smile given to you by a stranger.

It is shooting stars.

It is music.

It is the laughter of children.

It is the beautiful sunset.

It is cherishing the extra moments of sleep in the morning.

It is the nights in with your best friends.

It is the good memories.

It is fulfilling your dreams.

It is creating new dreams to conquer.

It is realizing you are never truly alone.



It is hope.


The one thing that keeps earth in balance.

The one thing that keeps us sane.

The one thing that keeps many alive in this harsh world.

It, is hope.

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