Life is a Warzone

Life is a warzone

An enemy at every side

No one can deny

That this is life

But in this war I find excitement

It’s wonderful

Yet people think I’m crazy

Crazy because I see the beauty of being tested

Of seeing how far I’m willing to go

To reach my goal

To follow my dreams

To see how strong I am

What I’m truly capable of

I love the challenge

Enjoy the trials

Daring me to go above and beyond

Building my strength

Sizing me up

What will I do in these situations?

What choices will I make?

What will I sacrifice?

Yes, life is a warzone

And sometimes we fall

Get scratched, wounded and unable to get up

But do we give up?

Hope is a silver lining that I always see

Hope heals my injury

Hope helps me fight on

I am human

But I can become so much more

The future is endless



I want to reach out and grab it

But we have to fight for it

Everything is awesome

Because I just love a challenge

This poem is about: 
Our world


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