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there is a little rain cloud that hangs above my head it follows me whereever I go, to wherever I am lead sometimes it will disappear and the sun will shine anew but nowadays it never leaves and i don't know what to do
White and fluffy, soaring so high I am but a cloud floating in the sky There is no breeze to wake the trees And stir the air and the clouds like me  The sun is so bright yet it doesn’t burn For I am simply water that took a turn Nothing is quite s
Cloud Radiant, inky Storming, brewing, shining Resembling our endless diversity Metaphor
In 2016 A cloud of depression hovered over me I felt hopeless And angry and empty Why couldn't I just be happy? I have a great life And a loving family Caring friends and many talents
Often I look up to the Skies Relishing the beauty it holds Adorned at night by twinkling Stars And daily by the fiery Sun The full moon so enthralling The wavy Clouds so gorgeous
The Wind runs freely over the open plains Oh little one, how they call you insane. How you run and play, racing with the wind No, nothing can keep you pinned. Look how you grow through the ages
Upon a cloud with nothing loud
The Earth is like a beautiful cloud, Just to be on it makes me feel proud. If only I could just release The world from War and Hell into Peace.
I dreamt of clouds in skies of blueWith crimson streaks of light,And all around there was the soundOf laughter and delight.Where worries were a memoryForgotten long ago,
Everyday all day , I look down. Everyday all day , all I do is observe , build and dissipate through the beautiful sky. Everyday ..  Everyday.
The breeze blows, pulling me nearer, taking me farther. Where must I go?   The breeze ceases,
Have you e
The sun was shining bright The morning he was alive The sun suddenly set At the time the soldier died The grass all around Is crimson with blood The child walks through With a crooked smile
I use to sit alone in my dark room surrounded by clouds of dark thoughts My life was so cold back then and I kept thinking I couldn't last too much further on
JImble gets aboard on the big fluffy puff, Snowy white as the clouds; As he flies high he yells "good-bye!" Because nobody else was aloud. Looking high towards the heavens, he trick-ley smiles,
I gleam with a yellow satisfaction, The night couldn't be more clear. My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light, And brings the booming images near.
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