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I like to day dream Write it on paper But when I need to write Write it on paper I can't find my pen
10 hours 35 min ago
I Have A Dream ..... One day I hope to walk across the street 
10 hours 36 min ago
My size 9 tennis shoe hits the dirt with each passing second
10 hours 45 min ago
  I can dance and sing, Treat me like a king. I can rap and cook, Read you like a book.
11 hours 2 min ago
One thing that inspires me is my faith in God God has saved me in so many different ways
11 hours 4 min ago
Running, Running, You hear that? That’s my heart pumping, That’s my brain working,
11 hours 12 min ago
I can be whatever I want to be The places I can go seeThe people I can meet  But it’s hard to decide with my changing mindWhere and who I
11 hours 12 min ago
its  easy to love black eyes eyes as black as night your pupils the stars in the sky
11 hours 18 min ago
Keep on fighing never give up no matter what it is  If you want to sing fight for your voice to be heard 
11 hours 28 min ago
I quickly rise to the sound of birds yelling boom! bam! bop!
11 hours 34 min ago