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Used to believe love was always in my favor  That loving you was the best part of me
14 hours 9 min ago
Hidden in plain sight A girl almost woman The world before her A future very bright
14 hours 19 min ago
A down fall of living proceeded me through my times. Although, i escaped them then.
15 hours 9 min ago
Maybe it slips out my ears while I sleep,
15 hours 14 min ago
They say myths and legends are old tale from forgotten times where time ails  but myths are not forgotten
15 hours 49 min ago
Echidna Daughter of Phorcys Not like the centaurs Half Horse and Half Man But with the body of a snake
15 hours 59 min ago
Outside the herd. They welcome you Turn your back and look back quickly. 
16 hours 5 min ago
Same as it ever was... Yeah she’s been that while forever. Hammered... Bitch drives a car that way .
16 hours 22 min ago
You killed me. You killed me. With treachery and deceit. I gave you real love. And put it at your feet.
16 hours 41 min ago
Psalm 83:13 
19 hours 7 min ago