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Sirens sounding,cars racing,food frying.People gather in la cancha,
7 hours 23 min ago
I'm Building Blocks ... While Those On Top Prefer To .... " BLOCK " ....
7 hours 31 min ago
The hunter went on a journey  To find some deer meat He saw a buck and looked into his eyes
7 hours 40 min ago
Are You The ... "Top Man" ... ??? Or The ... "Middle Man" ... ??? Or The Man below Wanting To Be Them ... !?!
7 hours 43 min ago
Rest easy young one Rest easy soldier  
7 hours 52 min ago
The soldier, the knight  In armor shining bright Loyal to his king and queen
8 hours 28 min ago
I wish one could photograph tastes, For the pleasure again to meet,
8 hours 41 min ago
How Many Is A Simple Question ... !!!! How Many Now Require DETENTION ... ?!? How Many Times Do We See Crimes ...
8 hours 56 min ago
The Black Cat I see on the streets Poor thing has nothing to eat No one cares enough to give her a home
9 hours 3 min ago
You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok  
9 hours 18 min ago