Poems about Animals

Light yourself by taking the cold ice from you and give it to the invisible whirling wind.Now grab a plate from your colorful kitchen, ho
Our mother, So dear. I’m sorry for these words, You are about to hear. But, dear mother,
  My heart was ripped apart.  I lived in anguish, pain, and envy I lived without a heart.  
I see myself in you daddy From your strong mindness, to the way you walk. I see myself in you daddy
I am from 34 year old blue shingles' from tap shoes and ballet slippers i am from the little blue house on the corner,
You said I have a future. You said I’d be okay. You said I’d find the cure for cancer.
Even with so much happening in this world   There are still beauty 
Don't tell me what to think.
A hidden crack posted behind the bars of a crooked smile you tell me it’s beautiful.
The leaves of autumn spill and fall. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, its rhythmic sounds.