Poems about Animals

In my darkest night,I cry cry for the ignorant animal, the animal that egos idiotically, fashionably confident,
He has got a secret Devouring him from the inside.   When he’s around his dad,
Great things come and go, but Right when you least expect it,
I stand before an empty enclosure, Wishing that God would bring you back.
Flashing lights and carni music, Attract you to the scene. “Animals and freaks for all,
Hang me upside down Smash in my face Slit my throat
Turtles They spread their wings wide Humans Litter the ocean Turtles Wings don't spread wide
These giants stand out on the great African Plains
In the Jungle, there is a mystery of darkness and wonders;
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.