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People can be the ones who inspire Others, but that would, of course, require A certain, overwhelming, perfect desire
16 hours 50 min ago
My eyes are of waiver They click and tock onto  the views that are given--
17 hours 35 min ago
Why did you invite her The night before our last Why did you invite her I had a whole night planned
17 hours 59 min ago
You put me in a box and there is where I stayed It was cold, dark, and lonely, but I loved you anyway
18 hours 15 min ago
I miss the quiet When my brain wasn't on fire and I was still a person My heart is open so you tie it
18 hours 28 min ago
You're laying bricks on my chest I'm wearing them like a bulletproof vest
18 hours 35 min ago
I'm afraid of my future without you in it I think of you going back I hate that my mind plays tricks like that
18 hours 44 min ago
Blinded by tears, How you’ve cradled my eyes When I tasted the harshness of that tongue
18 hours 55 min ago
You search out the vast expanses of my soul like a distant lighthouse.
1 day 7 hours ago
What does it mean to be inspired?
1 day 17 hours ago