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I think I paint because of fear of the abstract. I think I have fear, and there it is, Blossoming in my behaivor.
4 hours 6 min ago
The sun just rose in lost connection, Please undo the times we have held onto believe,
4 hours 18 min ago
This here, in my hands, is nothing more than an hour glass. Time paves each grain of sand and marks the hours pass.
4 hours 29 min ago
Ha… If only you knew My demons have taken control Screaming in demented joy
6 hours 37 sec ago
She wore her heart on her shoulder. Playing her part as a mother. Betrothed to herself in a world unsettled. Married to a ghost.
12 hours 57 min ago
     How to express yourself to yourself     Living life fake and wishing to be better   
13 hours 41 min ago
When I’m around you , my heart skips a beat.  You take my breath away, You make me stop in my tracks,
15 hours 28 min ago
Firm hands, from shadows on the wall. Firm no’s, from girls around nightfall. I promised to protect you all.   
20 hours 21 min ago
I feel like a dove flying overhead I feel like a bird when it finds it's true love
1 day 55 min ago
To the days...   I’m going to take you back many years, back to when you had very few fears.
1 day 5 hours ago