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Mothers all around us, everywhere we go. Feeding us, teaching us and watching as we grow.
16 hours 57 min ago
nothing turns into something im surrounded with grey rays of dim light a storm cloud looms over my head
23 hours 33 min ago
Story time From the past to the present From the present to the future From the future and beyond
1 day 1 hour ago
Love ache The first time you experience love  and the first time it ends
1 day 3 hours ago
Heart Breaking Tear Inducing My world stopped when you left Sleepless Nights Numb Feelings
1 day 7 hours ago
That night.    I replay that night in my head.    The night the waiting came to an end. 
1 day 14 hours ago
hey howve you been?
1 day 15 hours ago
Kids, one of the most amazing things created.  Very important, very adorable.  Always a kid?
1 day 16 hours ago
I did not choose to lose you To let you go violently into That good night.  
1 day 17 hours ago
Me, Myself and I. Everyday, I wake and try One step at a time. Everyday, I wake and cry
1 day 21 hours ago