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Looking up I will see the Archer high above me his bow pointing at me his star eyes
5 min 41 sec ago
The slimy oyster began to stare, She was the only one who couldn’t bare...this didn’t seem fair. 
10 min 5 sec ago
Money, bills responsibilities are such hassles I just wanna go back to making pillow forts and castles
13 min 33 sec ago
Let’s raise a glass To a time where my thoughts ran wild Carefree with the wind
14 min 28 sec ago
Sitting at the table filling out an application. Excited, yet nervous, will I do a good job.
17 min 58 sec ago
Wise men say, Moments of pain, Moments of strife, Moments of pressure,
21 min 13 sec ago
It was that first night When I learned to let go of that nightlight.
32 min 1 sec ago
Education is not so pink and white, It takes a alot and is a solo fight,
33 min 30 sec ago
When I was a kid I used to think Caspar the Ghost lived in the vents of my room.  
42 min 43 sec ago
Growing is like flowers We need time to flourish We reach like tree branches to our dreams
45 min 48 sec ago