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Roses are red,Violets are blue,My arrangement is forever,And so are you.
33 min 47 sec ago
Actor, rapper, and activist, Killer Mike, sucks and I'm speaking truthfully;
49 min 14 sec ago
Creativity always came naturally to me as a child.
55 min 35 sec ago
Attachment is the enemy of man, A flame and all you know a fan. A dreadful thing yet sought out by many,
1 hour 30 min ago
My Works ... Poli - TRICKING ... !!!!! They're Tactics Are SICKENING ... !!!
1 hour 30 min ago
Got to many mothers hating the other side of our children I see it and hurts Correct the problem
1 hour 39 min ago
When you try to pretend to force a smilebut it never turns out the right way.In some ways your plan does work,
2 hours 22 min ago
I cry, but no tears come out the trail of tears has ended
2 hours 24 min ago
Remember when you actually cared? If you even did....
2 hours 25 min ago
I am from a broken family, From empty rooms and still packed boxes.
2 hours 27 min ago