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Pills Dont think About swallowing Hurting Convulsing on the floor Dying in pain
4 hours 58 min ago
Wake up at 6 am, just to waste away at school Weekends don't even give me a break
5 hours 18 min ago
I was the protector. The one who guarded my family From the monsters outside.
5 hours 19 min ago
5 hours 23 min ago
How could you make me feel like i was the center of your universe,
5 hours 31 min ago
My mom signed me up for therapy A church therapy I had to fill out papers There was a waiting list
5 hours 32 min ago
Highschool. College preparation, scholarships, grades Weed, alcohol, making out
6 hours 10 sec ago
nostalgia is bittersweet, not quite a picture of the past, not quite a flashback, not a memory even, but a feeling, one so sat
6 hours 23 min ago
Something doesn´t feel right. I look to the passenger seat.  Lonely. Very lonely in here, all by myself.
6 hours 23 min ago
Empty,  plain,  bored out of my mind,  help me think of something,  before I run out of time.   
6 hours 38 min ago