Poems about Bullying

See Look i'm not the best at poems but im sitting here trying to fight my problems  while i'm wiriting
Dear Bully, It's done, you're done  You have no more effect on me I know who I am
Dear Depression, Why are you here? Why is it that every time I think I've vanquished you
Dear bully Is there something wrong with me?I beg you please stop bullying me Telling me that i am fat 
Dear Bully, We haven't spoken much since middle school,  I'm sure you've noticed.
I wish someone had told me how hard this life was going to get.
I used to get bullied/ been called names/ sometimes for no reason/ like what's their motive/ I just know that back then I didn't wanna li
A regular day filled with talking and laughing, joking and gossipingAlways done with a fake grin plastered onTeens argue, insult, bully,
The elementary express These are five slow-paced most relaxing years
i think about you alot forget my ex hes dumb for leaving me  your my one and only gio i think about you alot