Poems about Health

Girl hospitalized in bed Mother wishing that her little girl wasn't death Doctors are saying that she's gone
Ill be your snow white in eternal sleep You think you can save me because you love me deep
The sun shines brighter I'm a true fighter I'm no longer alone I've finally found home  
My name is Peter Grey and this is my story   I was the shepherd boy of a small village
Dear Doubtful Loved Ones,   My mental illness is not a product Of failed relationships.
She can see her brother through the crack. He’s resting his hand on the door he’s used so few times
Once upon a time, in good health We see a young girl covered in filth Who wanted to go to a ball
Once upon a time,   There was a princess who lived high in a tower.  
I'm surrounded by pills. They would be so easy to swallow. I don't even need water.
Don't you feel the noose of night slowly tightening around your thoughts. Sufficating you slowly.