Poems about Health

Shadows are following me home yet, I feel so alone I seek for attentionbut no one sees me
  Let me introduce you to  the person I call Nectar, She’s a kind one, as sweet as her name implies.
Love has an expiration date So I won't say I love you, it's too late Now I seek my destination With desperation
The horde breaks upon the polls- To cast the vote, to be a patriot, To be American;
I used to live in the darkno one to call for helpno one to share my pain
I remember my little niece ran up to me, and told me we learned about Jesus today, and I could tell by her smile that she was s
Strangely bright the creeping shadow,Eerie darkness from 'neath the ground.Be gone, Evil, be done! Strangely dark throughout the sky,Shin
wins Packers and additionally movers contains a brand-new Synergized identity and now came about as a department from CNI Logistics You p
Logically thinking, I know everything is Alright and there's nothing happening, yet my mind's still racing
The sky is gray and sad, The once lively roses in your garden are withering away.