Poems about Health

Smile, laugh, talk. Let them all in. It seems like it's my twin who lives my life and lets them in.
Light purple and pinkThe sweetest of colors The softest of colorsBut the most dreaded to herThe light pink jagged lines that were plaster
I am tired; however, I am not the tired that can be fixed with any amount of sleep.
2 years of battling depression are buried in her
she shall know all she needed was with her all the time  she believed one person needed to love her 
I know what I want Most of the time I know what I need When it matters most And when I don’t
How awful it isTo live in this worldWhere old lovesMove on and forgetAll the good you had
    A broken boy, a battered girl Soil from which the fern uncurl. From two lives, were seeped in pain
A safe place, allowing my mind to