Poems about Race

This morning of July 9, 2016 I woke up to find social media saying goodbye to our “Five blue blooded brother”
Where did the time go? The time when life was simple. The time when time moved slow.
They tell us that we are free, but are we really 'free'? Bounded and affected by the oppression against me
Thats so ghetto That's so retarded That's so    I have depression I have anxiety
Long Live the King by Christian Betancourt   God Bless the soul of Martin More than just any ordinary man
He who is without sin let him cast the first stone But I’ve seen a sin so wrong it literally penetrates my soul
  It has been said, beauty is skin deep, Yet many are scared and still weep.
There’s a faded, torn pictureMy grandma lovingly tapedOf the day she stood in front of old Abe