Poems about Animals

A fucking dick, A self-centred prick. A ranting bore, An attention whore. A pious saint,
Today is character day, and I am of course dressed to the nine It was tough choice picking my favorite character As there are many powerf
It's starting to seem as if I am white enough to survive but too black to be pleasing to the eye
My life is the ocean; relentelss, salty, and blue. A beast full of rage and seeing red am I, but when I see you
The Ring Bros say they've quit.  Have they? What exactly have they quit?
Her girlfriend is beautiful and funny, adorable, and an animal lover. Even though she hates it when Saralee
                           Welcome to America America , where a man can get shot on video by a cop, yet we w
My first REAL poem . . . No, you cannot touch my hair, No, you cannot stare,
You are the fingers on my back of kisses on the nape of my neck you smile when I talk
I love them so, But it is hard  To love and know; A moral shard.   I hate myself,