Poems about Animals

We all know that once upon a time This blonde headed animal lover was fine as a dime
the three little pigs and the free wolf what you dont know its the other way
Once upon a time, there lived a duckling in a pond.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? 
Everyday, all I feel is pain. No love, Only pain. I feel hunger, useless, pain. Physically and Mentally.
Shadows creep up behind me, slowly advancing, Like a sharp clawed animal lurking toward me,
This looks like jump to me You are a cockroach
Like blood matting fur, the hunger stems down the spine, sweetest torment. And echoes in fear, a flash, blind
We live in a world that's so judgemental A world that mises kindness and being gentle
I’ve always wondered why we treat animals like soulless beings,