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Poems about Animals

For the First Time   The first time I had ever heard of anorexia I was eight years old,
An everyday stroll out stops at the doorstep. Fur, bones and a sweet soul Calls for the attention of any bystander
Dysphoria is like a black dog following me around, A bully or an animal waiting to knock me down,
He was first there in the spring when I took a jump. He watched my every move and kept me lined up.
Sleeps softly, no sound until poked or disturbed wakes vengeance for those
Get out of the path of the king! The galactic siren sounds,  and wails off the walls and down the hall. 
In the dead of night, a time closer to sun-up than sun-down,
Hey, It’s me again. I really need you right now. I say that a lot you know.
Three years, we are still together You change my world Bring happiness and joy that I can never forget
Have you ever thought about what goes behind making your soap Have you considered the methods of how its made