Poems about Animals

To know pain is to exist, and as lovely is this pain as lonely is the fall out of earth, away from
America, a powerful nation. Competitive. Ambitious.
I hate that animal.The one that disregards my pursuit of a saner me, myself, and I.
The only good reason for self deprecation is in changing one’s character for the good of the nation
I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance years ago Nevermind those who tell me that I'm disrespecting
Thunder roars in the distance His sense of loneliness deepens
As dawn breaks across the land, out skips a young farmhand.
No earthquake, no thunder, no volcanic eruptionOr even there was no any of natural calamities, 
  By Stanley Collymore   How and why is it that everything I say and do, even acts
Midnight passed by two minutes, Got beats in my head ticking, And words are lip syncing to the beat. Create a melody.