Poems about Immigration

I’m finally beginning to come to the terms with the fact
A Sonnet I don't know why ......
Smile at the Russian man who talks kindly of his home landLaugh with the German girl who walks wit
Dear world, He says - we speak English in America She says - don't speak in your language Ask me who I am
The sinister lies/of the people/Who have never experienced the truth/They see a pride of lions prowling on their prey,/I see them feeding
 father,I was gonna read you this letter,But I don't want to anymore I'll rather read from my heartfather,The only father that's been the
Dear Mr.President We got a problem You can't represent
God dam it, I need a new doc . So I can stay on this thrill with this new set of eyes.
  My black bleeds the same color red my black breaths the same air
Dear Santa, I know now that you are not a reality, but I remember back in the time you were.