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(TRIGGER WARNING) To the society that turns broken things into beauty, ripped jeans fresh off the line
17 hours 12 min ago
Short yet concise,  Breathed all through the norms, Breathed all through the doubt,
17 hours 12 min ago
Why love hurts so much Written by Katie Amann
17 hours 14 min ago
Am i crazy? To believe that someone could make me feel like opening up after the past few years.
17 hours 21 min ago
callouses for all the love letters callouses for final goodbyes callouses for missed shots
17 hours 26 min ago
Let's start a fire Let the world be wrapped in flames We'll watch the destruction grow As we sit in silence
17 hours 32 min ago
To Whom it May Concern; I blame you. I blame you for not understanding sooner that you are in control.
17 hours 46 min ago
To The One Who Defeated Me,   It’s gone, it has all been forgotten.
18 hours 3 min ago
Dear Matthew, I often wondered about you. How you'd laughThe color of your hair, If you were strong, If you were scared.  I often wondere
18 hours 9 min ago
Last year I may have been rude, you could even say crude. Looking back now as time has passed,
18 hours 17 min ago