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I feel the rain pouring down, I feel as if this closed window represents lost opportunities,
8 hours 45 min ago
I don't need anyone to make me feel like somebody. I am rooted in this promise to myself.
8 hours 46 min ago
You want the hunger to end Do it yourself You want people's needs to be met Do it yourself
8 hours 55 min ago
Once upon a time, All the stories and nursery rhymes floated through the air,
9 hours 2 min ago
 Beyond the reaches of norml minds, my own little kingdom resides.
9 hours 2 min ago
To be or not to be so if I didn’t want to be black could I change my ethnicity
9 hours 5 min ago
Beautiful she is Ever to stay As lovely as a rose
9 hours 6 min ago
pain what if i let it get to me?
9 hours 6 min ago
Once upon a time, There was  tiny little duck, Who knew he as different from his family.
9 hours 16 min ago
Is superior linear?Should we not look too the interior,Yet we still judge those different by exterior,As inferior,Then all those Told the
9 hours 44 min ago