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Two roads diverged in a murky wood, Happy to only take one. And all by myself, not long I stood
19 hours 35 min ago
As the Earth comes up in flames, with flares all around my mind falls into a black abyss and my eyes open
19 hours 36 min ago
it is strange. we are strange. how can we be so completed by each other but then suddenly feel nothing.  
19 hours 55 min ago
i am sorry i am sorry if you confused me for home usually flowers do that too.  
20 hours 1 min ago
choosing clothes looking in the mirror starring into a stranger.   we know tonight we'll skip dinner
20 hours 8 min ago
daddy. i know i no longer call you this way. there are some nights where i catch myself thinking about your wounds.
20 hours 21 min ago
Staring at the world map long Enough to notice how the Pieces fit together perfectly Not a fresh hot mess
21 hours 16 min ago
i think i talked to god i think she was a kind soul she was wise and kind.  
21 hours 22 min ago
i envy day students i envy them  sometimes   i envy them when they’re not on 
21 hours 24 min ago
back home i was julia garrison garrison julia back home i played
21 hours 25 min ago