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Dear Adrian, Yet again you have taken my thoughts and left me with nothing but you.
5 days 20 hours ago
Dear firefly,  It's been too long since I've seen you It's been too long since I've felt your touch
5 days 21 hours ago
Don’t tell me pretty lies, With that look on your face, Because although you are beautiful The ugly never fades.
5 days 22 hours ago
Dear Mom, Dad, Sis, and Brother, And my dear beloved other, Dear the squish of soft, wet clay,
5 days 22 hours ago
The fire in your heart, Burns an eternal flame. Some are scared of getting burned, But to me it’s all the same.
5 days 22 hours ago
To Them, Today I looked at you through a glass dome I watched the tears fall from your cheeks
5 days 23 hours ago
Dear My Prince Charming,
5 days 23 hours ago
Dear Love,   Sometimes, Your soft brown eyes Fill my
6 days 4 min ago
My love,   
6 days 33 min ago
Dear Strong, Powerful, Influential women of the #MeToo movement,   Ladies! Arise and shine for thy light has come
6 days 45 min ago