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Was it a dream? Us? We were so happy. So childlike. So carefree. What happened?
1 week 6 days ago
Do you think this is what I wanted? Do you think I follow you so I can torment you? Do you think I'm happy?
1 week 6 days ago
Do they remember how I tick, Those hands. Before rain fell upwards  And tore my cheeks into grey submission. 
1 week 6 days ago
Why do I love you? I love you because you make gremlin faces at me. I love you because your teeth don't quite line up.
2 weeks 16 hours ago
I didn't want it to come to this,Didn't think you would walk away from a love this strong,
2 weeks 22 hours ago
It was an October afternoonWhen I first met youI knew in my heart that it was not too soon
2 weeks 23 hours ago
Why do you love me? Is it for my body?My looks?My charms?
2 weeks 1 day ago
She knew Me not I knew Her so well To clothe her In love But yet May I fail
2 weeks 1 day ago
How beautiful it is To live everyday breathing the warm/cold air of mother nature
2 weeks 1 day ago
Whispers and shadows were all around As someone knocking the door But no one was there Illusion
2 weeks 1 day ago