Poems about Bullying

We were best friends, girlfriend and boyfriend, also really close.
The way "they" mock me just isn't fair, the way "they" used to pull my hair. I'd run home and cry and scream,
Woke up feeling good about myself nothing could bring my world down NOTHING!
I didn't start on a stage. And i never could have guessed id be into poetry at a young age.
I Want to Let Go and Be Free From Your Danger Zone
The price I could’ve paid for you bullying me…. I came to school each day because I had too,
My Voice is Empty Trying to Screammm
Think before you bully me…. When I was little and in my teens you picked on me,
Suicidal Thoughts Are One of the Most Heartbreaking Sadnesses I Can Think of
Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me