Poems about Bullying

What do you think when you look at me? Do you allow your views to interfere with my education?
Run the whole world why won't you.You think you so slick. Thinking that your able
  You weakling You cruel person who uses others Makes yourself feel better
They whisper insults behind your back,  They find your weakness and grip it with your fear.
I sit back wondering why my life is so full of shit man.I’m tired of seeing North Faces, long boots, tight jeans and PePe.
Don't Bully the kid, He goes through enough at home. Don't Bully the Kid,
They pick on me becuse of my weight, They pick on me becuse of my height,
Who do you think you are telling everyone what to do. Always assuming your right and you know every thing there is to life.
  You did what I couldn’t do