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What is beauty more than an effortless sway in the wind? The course of action taken to divert attention from an ugly soul.
15 min 56 sec ago
I gave you everything  what more do you want from me? my skin? its coated in pain. my pain?
19 min 22 sec ago
Let me take a moment. Hold up ? was that too long ? Let me try again.  Okay wait, I think I got that wrong. 
22 min 38 sec ago
    Lights flickered as he entered the room In a sort of brooding mood
29 min 42 sec ago
Yes, I know this might sound funny. But fifty years ago, or something A little man put an idea into a head
39 min 59 sec ago
I woke up today, I think I won.  I didn't jump to conclusions, like so many other times I've done.
42 min 24 sec ago
She glides through the hallway With a swinging grace  Her piercing gray eyes
1 hour 2 min ago
I, Pandora The queen of Instagram, influencer of all Adjust my lighting, find my angle 
1 hour 16 min ago
The countryside whips past On the other side of the glass. I already miss it, yearn for it- The earth, the smell
1 hour 18 min ago
A beautiful flower I lost today. The flower named Eurydice. A beautiful flower pierced by the serpent's fangs.
1 hour 20 min ago