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the phone rang, i hung up, i couldn't do it anymore, you keep hitting me up, you just wouldn't go away, i tried to tell you...
5 hours 19 min ago
America's is the best country in the world. people come, people go in order to find hope.
5 hours 22 min ago
Crazy men , fascist men a couple of men , a few men  women's the future . But are they the future ? 
5 hours 23 min ago
America Camouflaged "Does that Star - Spangled Banner yet wave / o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"
5 hours 39 min ago
Black but blue old but new these feelings are all starting to brew for the way i feel about you is indescribable and undeniable.
5 hours 43 min ago
How Do you sit there and lie How do you keep trying to try
5 hours 44 min ago
Some One Please Tell Me Is It Wrong To Care About The Ones You Love Is It Wrong To Be Worried About The Ones You Love?
6 hours 6 min ago
Why Is It? I am never good enough for people I'm always kicked to the curb, Talked down upon,
6 hours 41 min ago
I'm not lost, I'm a wanderer. My feet follow no predetermined path. I have no idea where I'm going, but I feel no fear.
7 hours 23 min ago
Alphabetical you make us understand, when under sieged by thoughts, when one
7 hours 26 min ago