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Dear Jarod,   You were something toxic So much more than just average
19 hours 47 min ago
Learn to appreciate what you have Things change right before our eyes What you currently have may disappear
19 hours 52 min ago
Diesel engines run as yellow busses unload cargo. The first day of school has arrived- it's sixth grade for this one.
20 hours 3 min ago
Do you know how hard it is? To go through every day Feeling like you can smell it? I can tell it
20 hours 5 min ago
There was a time you told me For the world  I'm somebody and for your body I'm the world,You hurled
20 hours 18 min ago
The old queen-sized boxspring creaks as one of the three children sleeping on it repositions. Cousins.
20 hours 29 min ago
The smell of a clean courtroom could never hide the fear on your face when you tell the room
20 hours 38 min ago
Number 1 I'll start off really quiet I'll have nothing to say  But give it time 
20 hours 46 min ago
Im... depressed suicidal upset discouraged emo disgusting
20 hours 54 min ago
A bird sat in my window,  That bird was poisoned  with love That bird died in a purple cloud
20 hours 58 min ago