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sometimes its hard to face the truth isn't it? One moment ur at an all time high but suddenly
19 hours 53 min ago
Cinderella scrubbed the floors, Until her fingers pruned. "Why must I do this everyday?" 
20 hours 10 min ago
Shadows creep up behind me, slowly advancing, Like a sharp clawed animal lurking toward me,
20 hours 41 min ago
Once upon a time,   There was a knight in shinning armor. He dreamt of a life of adventure 
21 hours 22 min ago
I don't sleep to dream I dream to awake but the dream I keep is the dream you take 
21 hours 27 min ago
Once upon a time, There was once an old saying: Reap what you sow. Eventually you’ll have to face reality,
21 hours 42 min ago
Once Upon a Time... Red Riding Hood, a cruel Queen of the kingdom Natural.
21 hours 43 min ago
There are times when darkness come,  when theres nobody to run to  because no-one understands you.
22 hours 6 min ago
Here is the lesson of today You need to learn how to abate The pace of heart beat when you face
22 hours 18 min ago
  I looked at her and she looked at me.
22 hours 57 min ago