Poems about Animals

The forest was entirely still, The deer stood alert and silent, They knew the day had come,
This is long...but it's a true story...told in a unique way.
The dog sits in his cage, Hoping for love. His eyes search for a human Who thinks he's enough.  
Dark, wet brown, covered with an  orange, pink, and blue beach towel.  the clean scent,
I rush off to school and forget to fill your bowl with food But still you love me
Standing here in Paris, France. Surrounded by booming businesses. Water rockets upward reaching for the sky.
Here in the dark where the shadows creep, The foul rats scurry and the spirits weep.
They see dark clothing and piercings, but not the smile that graces her lips at the sight of a baby animal.
my whole life I had a fixation with animals. I think they were put here to keep us company whenever we get to feeling lonely.
As the breeze carries me on I still remember the same old song, from the bird that lost her wing