Poems about Bullying

You should know better You should know that bullying hurts It all starts with one word One word that you blurt
I’m sorry everyone who is bullied, for the world has sinned And taken your lives
When I grow up I wanna be just like you The way you make fun of people is so inspiring
We laugh when faced with comical things we laugh at other human beings laugh when they stumble, trip or fall
We live in the all as one. The all encompasses everything And anything. It is the sheer strength of our bodies.
I Fight For What Is Right , Not For What Is Wrong. I Want Justice For Every Dead Soul. People Think Bullying Is Cool
Bullied and picked on, hurt, But no one knew. Who was the Bully? Was it you? Or me?
If I could be a superhero, just for the day, I would want to be Supergirl, in every way.
Born sweet, Born kind. Being mean, A waste of time.
People attempt to demonize Love They protest against it