Poems about Bullying

Think before you bully me…. When I was little and in my teens you picked on me,
Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Want With Me
Why me? What did I ever do to you? Did I pull your hair or step on your shoe?
She's walking down the hall Trying not to bawl She's headed up a flight of stairs Thinking "who really cares"
I know I am different from many others, because I am unlike the rest, maybe because the way I wear my hair or my own style of clothing I
Waking up, as pain radiates through out my body. How much pain will I endure today?
As I stared down your eyes I see your inner person being controlled By your own insecurities and raw emotions
Some say sticks and stone may bring my bones But words will never hurt me.
Oh, or is o or maybe simply awww, I do not know!!!That sound that I make wen,stuck in frustration.
Beneath my face and beneath the surface of my skin lies the inner truth.