Poetry about Donald Trump

When I understood why people that looked like me were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’
E. Jean Carroll is an advice columnist and a journalist and I'm speaking truthfully;
American lawyer and writer, Michelle Obama, sucks and what I'm saying is true;
The New York Times is a newspaper that's based in New York City; The New York Times is controversial and always will be.
The supervillain named Doctor Octopus is attacking the supporters of President Donald Trump, which is bad;
Dear Feminists Turn on the radio Do you hear the lyrics That they're throwing out Like we're a joke
I used to play dress-up And not on Halloween During the middle of the summer
Let's talk about Israel Let's talk about the bombs Let's talk about the screaming kids Hiding between the skirts
ANTI TRUMPERS: Get over yourself You sound like a baby So you don't like the president!
Spews out the maw bare n paws size of a bear yes, him Donald Trump with maniacal glare