Poems about Bullying

  By Stanley Collymore   So you look at yourself in some mirror or other and on
I'm a girl, such a pearl, Call me 'nice tits", I think I might hurl. I'm blonde so I'm dumb not really, just numb I have all A's, i must
What horror has appeared on screenWhat ghastl things that can be seenFrom cyber-space an image bears
You can't trust me. Attracted to everybody, Safe with nobody. Wishing, maybe. Can't be trusted.
I don't understand Why people hurt people Why we fight with each other
  By Stanley Collymore   Murder I was told from my earliest childhood was a sacrosanct
Don't understand where i'll stand Long trail through empty space, Increadible jail of poor land
It's a shame, A guy named Shane, Can't love a guy named Lain, For it would mean the end.