Poems about Bullying

What makes up a bully? What makes them commit to hurting other people? Why, is the biggest question...
I am kid growing small and weak. That benefits the love and discipline, From my beloved parents.
you said i was too fat, so stopped eating, i wasnt hungry anyway, you pushed me down today,
Dear bully,
i hurt you because your smile reaches your eyes, i hate you because your forgiveiness is too giving,
My depression is like a house with the doors locked from the outside. I try to escape through the windows. I can't escape.
Dear Mental Health,
Torn from every direction there is nothing left. I’m vulnerable weak and terrified,
  What is the definition of a man? If a man is really dominant,
August 25, 2017 to October 9, 2017 stared into your eyes, happy to be with you..