Poems about Bullying

I sit alone by my locker, A bully just teased me. I want revenge on him, So I can cleanse my palate. 
Why do they ask me who am I? Why do they ask me why am I so mean?
Everything started out at school, always saying she wasn't good enough Rumours spread, stories told that she somehow heard of
Different A word that terrifies young minds, the idea that something could change in an instant
They want to take the world I say let them They want to steal my heart I say no They want my soul
I was born in a town Were no one ever saw me They were mean and cruel Don't get me started about the schools
Sleep, hush, dont make a peep, this foolishness of acceptence is causing my will to seep.  
We spend allot of time debating police brutality All the while where missing a whole reality
They don't know behind those eyes. Behind those eyes she bleeds for truth.