Poems about Bullying

Pulling yourself up on others dose not get you on top!!!!!!!!
Dear Darkness, My old childhood bully you would taunt me and decieve me 
Why they bully people?What's their purpose of bullying?Why they only choose these path to get joy?
Be you Glerisbeth Cornier Medina  Lives is hard but you know you special person, you are unique nobody can be like youa lot of people wis
Black Color Walking on the darkest night   When you wait for a star to bright     Sleeping in a dark room
Sitting in my room in the dark waiting on the light fighting with the demons who want to cry who want to die and who want to lie to the a
Passion,smart,more opportunities,better life,explore.Being an immigrant is a hard job.New language,new culture,new style,new school,every
Dear Ex-best friend,
Why? Why must you spurn me so? Your words harsh and cold. Why must you abandon me?
You can never be sure of the changes. They start with gentle probing, a smile less straighter, a hand too big.