Poems About the Environment

It is because I love him.. I check up on him all the time 
Here lies the secret that can't be told with every breath you speak to the soul But what is this secret can't you see?
To love Is to live For the only explanation Why we exist, Why there is something instead of nothing, 
If words would't die    They would be all that I need If Birds couldn't fly   
There are so many people in the world some are sweet some are sour yet you may not know if they are real or not
The field was where I called them my children We hurdled through the pain We could almost be flying
~The Prodigious Peregrine~ The wide winged Peregrinessoar over the ocean.Flapping their wingsin steady motion.Grazing the wavesas they he
~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~ Russet, orange and harvest goldAutumn is the season when colors unfold.The tree
           ~Harmony~ Harmony is a symphonyThat exists in our souls.A beautiful instrumentthat needs fine tuningAs each new day unfolds. 
                                                   ~A Fine Day~