Poems about Bullying

You feel better about yourself now right? You think you are smart and you think that everybody is thinking what you are thinking.
What true underdog's got support? What true bully does it only for sport?
why bully people to feel better why pick on someone to make you look prettier than them when only youre making yourself feel worse bullyi
Mommy why is there so many mean people in the world? Don't they see that they are hurting each other?
I hate you I hate what you look like I hate who you are!
Dark days being hurt feeling worthless, there she stays mute pushed around while no one cares.
Why Bully Its so wrong and wack Give a high five to a friend instead of a smack Make Friends not Enemies
Take the pain away, trying to live another day, you think you're strong, however, I'm stronger,
His eyes, deep in their sockets, droop. His shoulders, hunched in anxiety, despair.
Try and Bully Me By: Joseph Echie