Poems about Bullying

Dirty blonde hair that was always greasy because your family had one bathroom with six seven eight people
Close your eyes Music bumping from the joint down the street My eyes jump open
Some people live happy lives and have nothing that happens to them as a kid .Yet some people go through bulling and loss and death and si
"Feel the Inside" You see that girl alone.She is thinking why is she the victim?That boy over there thinks it is funny.H
What a terrible world this is people are cruel, and hateful why can't we live a happy, and peaceful life if only you knew I had a sensiti
Controlled  Going along, separation Spurred by deception Validate  
5th grade I stood up to go get a drink I look to my left and I see it
Why must you bully me?  I have done nothing to you for you to bully me?
There is so many kids that are getting bullied for who they are,
Life Don't have to kill people, Don't have to be a bully to people, Don't have to make fun of others,