Poems about Bullying

It is a elephant on my chest when I try to breathe It is a monster in my head when I try to sleep
You ask me what am I thankful for,  I am thankful for being hurt    I am stronger since my mom has died,
Pushed off the edge They watch him As words were thrown That nobody has ever told, Mannerless Bystanders
My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs. It's a brand new girl everyday.
I can remember
This is for all you out there, Who don’t know if anyone gives a care.
Dear bully,   You control every little dynamic of my life
There was a tiny flower in a greenhouse It was the only flower that was different No other flower looked like it
You can’t. You can’t sit back & wait. Don’t let yourself be bait For all the words and hate
The victim is standing on the edge, and the bully is standing by waiting to push them off.