Poems about Bullying

<p>To the bully who told me I am a hopeless mess</p></br><p>What is your mission</br>Because I’m over here
Write  Like it’ll break your heart  Just like you  Love  When high school starts   
Would you defend me as I struggle to be normal?   Would you hold me up when I struggle to walk?
All I do is get on your nerves... Make you feel bad and make you hate me...
You tell me I’m worthless and that I’m a nothing, but I say the same things to myself without your prompting.
“Sticks and stones can break my bones,
You sit and stare out at the fieldYou shut your eyes and form a shield.
They tell me to revise
I hate you, and I can't stand up to you You represent everything that I hate about this world
In love with the process, longing for growth. My mind beginnings to wonder upon what it's like situated at the thrown.