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Poems About the Environment

  I am a wildflower. My seed was planted in the depths of tainted soil, left to prosper among a hollow meadow.
Life,  Life Brings Good and Bad The Happy and Sad But You Have To Keep Pushing
They talk to me. The decapitated heads are sprinkled around my feet.
   Seeing the tree, Touching its leaf, Feeling it's bark, Sensing it's heart.   Hearing the wind,
A spiral of roots       calms a             tortured soul—    one whose
Walk with me to find a clover, It times of sun and rain, Share with me your laughter,
A big blank space all our own Listening to our loved ones talk on the phone Watching a young boy throw his dog a bone
Sincere smile. A wonderful gift given. Her eyes locking mine in blissful harmony, Chasing, waitng, breaking.
Bright glows of warming winter's light.  fluffy puffs blanket the mountainous terrain.
"This Just In,   The issues of society have made different varieties Of opinions, thoughts, and actions