Poems About the Environment

Daddy told me when I was 8 "You'll make mistakes" Indeed he was right, I've learned mine in the 9th grade
I lost myself today, I just turned and ran away. The sunny day turned to rain.
Out the window a thousand bright
Tears fall like rain  as a breath is stopped, as a noose is tightened, as a cell is spread,
The sun's up again, two more minutes, and the day has begun, The pants with the rip on the left knee -- fold up the cuffs, 
You step over the threshold of your front door, A little nose peaks through the crack of the door before you open it,
  It all begins with a single song Drifting, fluttering, singing along. The sweet scents of a thousand flowers
The sound of rain filled her insides while she sat and gawked at the sky a light gray that described her mind
  I am a wildflower. My seed was planted in the depths of tainted soil, left to prosper among a hollow meadow.