Poems about Immigration

Behold America, with skyscrapers tall Which cover the once spacious skies And which glass shines in the sunlight
Two souls live in my body One has endless American pride The other likes to hide
Rapists, criminals, drug dealers. Is that who we are?
Oh America, you are great That I knew on the five hour flight that took me from my beautiful Nicaragua 
The land of the free The home of the brave
If there are people out their emotionally chained Far from being free With nothing to gain
We are husbands, wives, daughters, brothers.
Alone, but cloistered tightly with others of the same ilk Called names and hated for taking jobs and committing crimes
America the great where we care more about a kid’s GPA more than their mental health.
It lives inside, searching for warmth Lurking, slithering, hiding - a presence to many yet a stranger to All