Poems about Immigration

Smile at the Russian man who talks kindly of his home landLaugh with the German girl who walks wit
Dear world, He says - we speak English in America She says - don't speak in your language Ask me who I am
The sinister lies/of the people/Who have never experienced the truth/They see a pride of lions prowling on their prey,/I see them feeding
 father,I was gonna read you this letter,But I don't want to anymore I'll rather read from my heartfather,The only father that's been the
Dear Mr.President We got a problem You can't represent
God dam it, I need a new doc . So I can stay on this thrill with this new set of eyes.
Look at me.  Look at my white skin, the way it isn’t caramel looking like my mothers.  
Life now a days for some of us it's all party and games, For others it's all about working and achieving our gaols.
Long nights of infant screams that seemed to have no end;